Okanii Inc.

We  are solving several needs for each of the stakeholders. At a very high level,  all existing payment systems are inefficient and fragmented solutions. We  designed a single ubiquitous platform which addresses all use cases in the  most efficient manner possible. Cash wastes $1.2t annually, Electronic  transactions wastes $1T annually, we are solving the inefficiencies of  current payment products which waste   $2T annually. Aside from the cost efficiencies that we provide to  banks and Merchants, here is a short list of the other value propositions we  provide:    Banks – ultra low cost, highly profitable, eliminate fraud & ID theft,  highly secure, scalable, enhanced uber consumer experience, etc.    Merchants – low cost, secure, instant, built in loyalty program, big data,  etc.    Consumer – convenience, security, privacy, rich incentives, ubiquity, etc.