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Noonum solves the information overload problem by summarizing and contextualizing unstructured data. Our connected business intelligence is powered by a continually evolving semantic knowledge graph using AI and NLP.

Noonum News provides insights on companies, people, products, and places that are mentioned across more than 200 global sources. Noonum gives you an advantage over traditional news providers by providing ambient intelligence on companies that could be affected by the news, even if they are not mentioned.

Noonum Concept Exposure allows you to identify companies that have exposure to specific topics like “Autonomous Driving” by semantically grouping similar terms such as “driverless vehicles.” Noonum Value Chain explains the ecosystem around a company by automatically discovering and contextualizing company relationships such as suppliers, customers, partners, competitors, and legal opponents.

Noonum BYOD allows institutions to bring their private data to Noonum’s graph to synthesize unique insights that are not possible on the customer data alone. Through an intuitive interface and powerful visualizations, Noonum provides actionable insights with ambient and hidden intelligence. Go beyond human capabilities, know what you don’t know at

2019 1 Star Sponsor & Exhibitor