Newgen Payments

The  online merchants are leading the charge with making new innovations every day  to champion their customers’ engagement and in-app experience. The payment  processors need to keep up with the constantly changing ecosystem in  complementing and supporting these innovations. The payment process needs to  be as intuitive and seamless as possible so it does not break the shopping  flow or change the state of shopping. The requisite tasks such as  registration and payment selection need to be blazing fast so the shoppers  could checkout as soon as possible. The User Interface and Experience (UI/UX)  across devices should follow similar design guidelines so the shoppers get  the optimum experience they are accustomed to. Newgen uses a  non-deterministic mathematical model to rank all the applicable acquirers for  the given transaction using a slew of information including platform health  and performance, historic track record, etc. The portal enables merchants to  configure payment routing rules based on multiple parameters including  currency, country, Credit Card BINs, etc. The transaction flow and volume can  also be capped within a given time period per acquirer. Newgen’s Customer  Identity Graph is also building a cohesive interconnected graph of customer  accounts, details and devices. Analogous to a graph database, Newgen’s  Identity Graph implements Graph Theory with the aim of consolidating customer  behavior across various channels, devices and touchpoints. The company offers  three-tiered security layers to protect against any unwanted activity or  usage to make sure only completely legitimate calls go through. Newgen offers  BoostSales, a unique, fully-managed service that empowers E-Commerce  merchants to optimize their webstores and brand to dramatically boost  conversions & online sales – at a much lower cost and time investment.