is creating a digital financial health platform that takes into consideration the unique female experience with careers, finances and wealth, while providing features for everyone. places emphasis on the nuanced relationship women have with money, including topics such as earning potential, life expectancy, under investment, career pauses, salary negotiations, and lifestyle goals. Our platform optimizes cloud-based computing, data security, and integrated database services to provide users a daily money management tool overlayed with machine learning for education and a roadmap to building wealth. We have a ""freemium"" model that provides free services, then scales customers into more personalized offerings in the form of a virtual coach, debt management and access to financial advisors. We facilitate a community within the app, where users can share their perspective and questions, with an emphasis on the shared experiences among our users. Transparency, privacy, education and inclusion are key values across all features. An inclusive platform that is built with women's experiences in mind,'s feature set helps all users move towards a future of wealth and confidence.