Mount Wish Corporation

The  ever-increasing complexity and costs associated with financial risk  management / treasury since customers meanwhile have to spend - as per a KPMG  study - 2.86% of their revenues on hedging FICC exposures.  Our solution automates that process  entirely, simplifies it as much as possible (insurance policy instead of  derivatives from a customer perspective), and brings costs down to just 1.94%  (thus cost saving resulting in the EBITDA increase -> network effect will  get greater over time along with our expansion allowing us to set prices  "freely"). Our solution in more detail: 1. Real-time tracking of  all postings in real-time via ERP system plugins: 2. Immediate transfer of  identified FICC exposures from the customers' balance sheet to our own one  (insurance pool) 3. Maximising total utility: Automatic rate, duration and  volume setting (price optimization considering real costs – incl. point 4  prev. months results – and customer benefits) and global netting process  (“cross-customer” -> economic zero-sum game in FICC markets) 4. Hedging of  residual risks (incl. overhedging) and market making as appropriate 5.  Calculation of premiums depending on applicable risk classes, insurance asset  management contribution, exposure transferred and mentioned real costs  6. Annual calculation and redistribution of  excess premiums paid after deduction of our contractual defined gross margin  (difference to 2.25% monthly invoice) Top customer advantages: 1. Clear  EBITDA boost 2.Simple and clean insurance solution 3. Works with all leading  ERP systems 4. Seamless integration with complementary products in the fields  of cash management, corporate finance, trade finance, business intelligence,  etc. 5. No treasury department needed anymore 6.Counterparty risk and overlay  effect optimized *more details can be found on our website:"