Mostly AI

Mostly AI solves one of the biggest challenges financial institutions are facing today: balancing their need for Big Data & AI innovation with privacy protection. By generating Synthetic Data, Mostly AI helps organizations to unlock their privacy-sensitive Big Data assets while complying with the strictest data protection regulations in the world. Their fundamentally new approach to Big Data anonymization allows retaining all of the valuable information in a dataset, while at the same time protecting privacy 100%. This results in completely anonymous data, that is free to use, free to share and free to monetize.

Mostly AI’s client base consists of the largest financial, insurance and telecommunication organizations in Europe and the US. Their Synthetic Data software scales to millions of protected customers and is deployed within the secure environment of their clients, either on-premise or in their private cloud. It allows clients to generate highly realistic and representative Synthetic Customers, matching the patterns of their actual customers at an unprecedented level. Thereby, Synthetic Data opens up a whole range of opportunities for otherwise locked-up customer data, resulting in faster innovation, fewer risks and less costs.