Money Compass

US student debt is a big problem - a $1.6 trillion problem. Money Compass is an app that leverages AI to get Americans out of debt, starting with their student loans.

And that’s an important starting point because going to college in the US is very expensive and 70% of students take loans in order to attend. However, a student loan is a complex financial product, and without financial advice, 1 in 4 of them defaults on their loans.  

This is where Money Compass comes into play! Our app provides a comprehensive yet simple financial advice to tackle users' debt burden. We analyze each user financial status, routinely adjust repayment plans and automatically identify refinancing alternatives, thus helping users save thousands of dollars and become debt-free faster.  Money Compass partners with credit unions, higher education institutes, and financial services companies in order to provide their millennial and gen-Z customers a cutting edge solution to their debt problem.   As the only holistic solution for both federal and private debt, Money Compass empowers 30 million Americans to take control of their future, today!