2018 1 Star Sponsor & Exhibitor

MK Decision

MK  Decision's Credit Card Origination System (CCOS) provides a turnkey credit  card issuance solution for financial institutions. We are live in market with  Axiom Bank. CCOS integrates with Credit Bureaus and Core Processors, features  easy to use Marketing Pages and Digital Application WorkFlows for customers,  and delivers Automated Credit Decisioning, fraud prevention, and secure  compliance notices. In addition, MK's Banker Dashboard allows Bankers to  process pending applications, view reports, analyze data, and adjust  underwriting guidelines all in real-time.

 Problem: Credit Card Issuance in 2018 

 1. Time wasted is an important concern when customers apply for credit  cards online.    - "Only 23% of credit cards applications occur online." ~  Bain 

 2. Manual credit decisions leave customers feeling uncertain and  disconnected. 

 3. Credit card fraud is common and costs banks money. 

 4. No easy way exists for Banks to digitally process credit card applications,  end-to-end.

 - "Only 13% of credit card applications handled digitally  end-to-end." ~ Bain 

 Solution: MK's Credit Card Origination System (CCOS) 

 1. Save Time: with intuitive customer experience 

 - "Digitizing the customer loan experience can increase conversion  rates by over 36%." ~ Avoka

 2. Automate Decisions: for instant access to credit 

 3. Prevent Fraud: with real-time identity verification 

 4. Increase ROI: lower overhead & increase interest margins 

 Most Financial Institutions lack the resources (team, vision, expertise) to  build and support modern online lending solutions. 

2018 1 Star Sponsor & Exhibitor