In today’s world, financial success is defined as being debt-free, contrary to becoming rich. Burdened with student and credit card debts, the younger generations are struggling to achieve financial freedom and need guidance with economic decision-making. That is why we created Maiven, a personal finance manager that helps individuals pay down credit card debt by challenging their spending habits in a form of a game. Through the use of algorithms, it provides recommendations according to the users’ transactional history, patterns and behavior to make informed economic choices. A series of “spending challenges” gamifies the experience and creates positive-negative reinforcements, making Maiven a modern app for financial fitness, based on behavioral economics and financial best practices.

Maiven's mission is to foster Sustainable Development Goals, particularly focused on financial equality, well-being and decent economic growth. By providing financial education and cultivating healthy spending habits, we empower our users to achieve financial freedom, which significantly improves their quality of life. Amplifying effects result in psychological well-being, prospering communities, and thriving countries.