At lastbit our vision is to enable the mass market adoption of crypto-currency. This means that for the first time in the history of bitcoin, you can walk into a store and pay for your purchase using crypto even if the merchant does not accept crypto-currency - securely, instantly and seamlessly. We have engineered a method of enabling the average bitcoin user to begin spending crypto through instant peer-to-peer transactions over the lightning network and thereby, fiat transactions at a point of sale facilitated through virtual debit card emulation. Our solution ensures minimal trust for end users with zero setup time and required knowledge behind lightning transactions, whilst ensuring the highest level of security and independence. Our hardware solution fuses the premise of cold storage and sovereignty with cutting edge security, to bring complete financial independence and security to the masses. By running your own custom lightning node, you can now be your own bitcoin payment processor while being able to make instant fiat transactions at a point of sale.