Lambda Cards

Lambda is a consumer credit card with an App Store experience.

We allow developers or companies to create mini-programs (called recipes) that run whenever you use your card.

Here are some examples of cool recipes that could be created.

- When I spend on Amazon, go to their website and automatically categorize what I bought and split my transaction with the right categories on my budgeting Google Sheet.
- Let me know if my Netflix subscription changes prices.
- Automatically blocks the card on bars after 11pm to nudge me go home.
- Every time I book an air travel, buy carbon credits to offset my carbon footprint.
- Set an allowance for my kids for $20/month but increase by $1 for each chore that they do
- When the restaurant server swipes my card, send me a notification with my calculated tip amount.
- If I tag a transaction as "business", create a PDF report and email it to my company for reimbursement.

And just like the App Store, recipes can be shared and distributed to other people