2019 1 Star Sponsor & Exhibitor


KopenTech is a cutting-edge financial technology company bringing cost reductions and efficiency to the structured products marketplace.

At our core, we are practitioners; investment professionals and software engineers focused on improving optionality and workflow. Our founders are successful entrepreneurs who recognized an attractive asset class that could be improved with the right technology.

Our inaugural service, KopenTech Applicable Margin Reset (AMR), provides a streamlined approach to refinancing CLOs. This auction mechanism eliminates the burdensome, obstacle-ridden, and expensive process of traditional refinancing. Instead KopenTech AMR makes CLO refinancing fast, simple, and cost-effective. Utilizing AMR can reduce time drag by up to 67% and lower fees by up to 75%.

Reliable market data is integral to successful investing. KopenTech provides indispensable data and reliable analytics to subscribers through a trusted marketplace for structured product investors.

KopenTech works alongside investment professionals to create solutions that enhance results. Learn more about how KopenTech can increase optionality, deliver better data, and improve workflow by visiting www.kopentech.com.

2019 1 Star Sponsor & Exhibitor