2016 1 Star Sponsor & Exhibitor


IQID: Your Internet ID

Have you wanted to buy something on Craigslist, eBay or newspaper classifieds, but didn't trust the person? You are not alone, lack of #trust is the biggest reason why more P2P transactions do not happen. IQID: Your Internet ID is an iOS and Android application that brings trusted and transparent people together, digitally. We verify your government ID, create a shareable digital business card and match people with common #interests together. We also support payments between two parties so they can work out all the other transaction details.

The Problem

Trust is the #1 issue preventing more P2P introductions. Yet, the P2P economy is a $300+ Billion Dollar revenue opportunity by 2025. If we can quickly increase trust between parties, more introductions will take place. Imagine if you could trust who you are meeting and just focus on the transaction.

The Solution

IQID is focused on creating trust between two people by verifying the user’s ID, including their social circles and creating a sharable digital business card. By bridging the trust between two parties, more introductions will take place. To help facilitate bringing online people together locally, we have introduced #keyword profile matching within a user’s defined geofenced area (300 feet-3 miles). We have also segmented the #keywords in context; "buyers", "sellers" and "interests" so we can match buyers with sellers and interested people with interested people. In a world of scarce, expiring resources and everyone’s quest for serendipitous meetings of similar interests, IQID is an easy to use platform bridging informed, empowered and now connected, people together. IQID is available for iOSAndroid and more information is found at http://www.IQID.com

2016 1 Star Sponsor & Exhibitor