While  many believe that active fund managers are able to outperform the market,  Nobel Prize winning studies have shown this cannot be done in the long run.  However, asset managers often push clients towards high-cost commission based  actively managed funds for personal gains rather than passively managed funds  which have superior after cost returns for the client. The logical  consequence is their replacement by data-driven, automated, and independent  robo-advisors providing unbiased recommendations. Despite this, existing  robo-advisory firms are unable to scale globally given regulatory issues, and  generally do not appeal to institutional investors due to being only  full-service providers. Lastly, among private investors there is a tendency  to distrust web-based financial services due to lack of understanding of  robo-advisories, leading to low asset volumes.Insoro looks to circumvent the  regulatory problems and achieving instant global scalability by avoiding  taking control of client funds and acting solely as an advisor. By mapping  out the specific steps necessary to optimize the client’s portfolio, the  clients will have full control and transparency over their investments.  Furthermore, by dividing the asset management value chain into modules, insoro  is able to appeal to institutional investors who may be looking for execution  advice based on their self-determined risk profile. Lastly, insoro implements  blockchain technology to increase the data security of clients, as it enables  clients to stay anonymous and complete transactions without having to  disclose their identity and personal data.