What  are we building - We are building a marketplace for matching consumers with a  compatible financial advisors. Our psychometric matching algorithms maximize  chances of feeling a personal connection with the advisor, eliminating need  for multiple interviews.  Our  marketplace based business model delivers ~90% discount on financial advice  to consumers relative to industry pricing.    The problem - Finding a financial advisor is a cumbersome process today.  Consumers rely on a referral from someone  they trust or perform research and interview multiple local advisors or go to  a brokerage firm and get an assigned advisor.   Further, pricing in financial advisory industry is broken as advisors  charge consumers excessive fees based on a percentage of portfolio managed.  Finally, services offered by a financial advisor are usually limited to  popular offerings such as portfolio management and estate planning; there is  no specialized advice on offer for life situations.

 Our Solution - Consumers pay $10/month subscription to get access to  platform. Financial health score that organizes relevant aspects of financial  life including portfolio investments, savings plans (401K, 529), legacy  plans, liabilities.

Tools for portfolio analysis and rebalancing when required. Independent  financial advisors vetted by Indyfin offer financial advice on the platform.  Consumers that need advice on specific topics or need services select the  service they need and get suggestions on advisors that are best matches.  Advisors have a dedicated page with their specialization, customer  satisfaction, rates, calendar availability, and regulatory records  listed.