Hostbuddy Inc.

Hostbuddy’s mission is to build AI for cashierless Restaurant, founded in 2018 by Sagar Golla, who has over a decade of experience in building branded apps for offline commerce and expert on several POS systems. We are based in Silicon Valley and a team of 4, with expertise in AI/ML and fintech.

Compared to Amazon Go, hostbuddy is non-invasive and in-expensive and leverages voice technologies to implement cashierless fast casual restaurant.

Our core thesis is, customer wants better dining experience, doesn't care its NFC tap or EVM based payment. Hence we provide voice engagement (VUI) to order/pay food while guest is seated, compared to lining up before cash registers.

Hostbuddy has built 2 AI assistants. Virtual Waiter is for consumer to order/pay for food without downloading an app. Kitchen Maestro is for staff, to access/update orders coming in from multiple sources, without touching tablet. Hostbuddy is a full-stack solution, can be white labeled by brands to build their own personas to enhance their brand loyalty within days, without in-house AI teams.