Griffin Technologies

The world of banking has changed drastically over the last 20 years. Many financial institutions, once pillars of the community, are now experiencing rapid declines in services they once were market leaders for.  Recent studies show that every three days, a financial institution closes and every day, at least one branch location closes. This is all primarily due to declining foot traffic, decreasing deposits on account, increased credit card usage (in lieu of debit cards), a growing market of consumers adopting mobile-only solutions, and a host of industry disruptors gaining market-share daily in a variety of services.

Griffin Technologies is a geo-fencing intelligence platform that connects financial institutions to their customers in the moments that matter. By utilizing contextual location insights, financial institutions utilize Griffin’s technology to better understand and serve customers. With full-service and self-service solutions, Griffin offers insight-driven planning, targeting, optimization, and measurement capabilities for financial institutions of all sizes.