GoSave, Inc

GoSave are next generation digital piggy banks that help parents teach their kids the basics of saving, financial literacy and goal setting from a young age. The piggy banks have a 4.5” touch screen that displays the child’s balance, their tasks, goals and achievements – and is all controlled via a free app for parents. The product is sold directly to consumers but is also being trialled by banks and credit unions looking for a new way to engage younger customers.  

GoSave is a VISA Everywhere award winner, recent graduate of Techstars Berlin, and has been featured on 7News Australia, as well as a range of publications around the world. The product was initially funded on KickStarter and the GoSave team have since raised just under $500K to bring the product to market.  

In addition to the core product, GoSave also publish a range of free kids books that reinforce the lessons learned through the product and expand on the stories of each of the three GoSave characters helping bring them to life.