FinCom.Co halts money laundering for banks, financial institutions, and brokers by using its patented "Phonetic Fingerprint technology". This core technology is based on advanced mathematics, phonetics and artificial intelligence that search data in databases in a 100% automated process with far more efficiency than the existing solutions. FinCom.Co’s ‘Phonetic Fingerprint’ technology converts any name written in over 25 different languages into a single phonetic language, forming a new baseline mathematical language in code. FInCom.Co's  technology can compare and match database entries to other attributes such as date and place of birth ensuring we have the exact match each time. Unlike any other existing solution, FinCom.Co eliminates false negatives, delivers almost zero false positives, and get results even with misspelt names and transliteration mistakes which ultimately results in compliance ensurance. AML compliance is crucial for each business (micro/ macro) which is why FinCom.Co ultimately provide a solution that can be used to address the 99% of financial crime that is currently missed by the authorities (which in turn fuels terrorism, drugs, trafficking, prostitution, etc.