Finch launched in 2017 with the vision of making personal finance better by reimagining the customer experience. What began as an award-winning consumer app, is now a powerful financial technology and intelligence platform, using AI and machine learning to offer the tools to help banks, businesses and financial services enhance the digital banking and payment experience.  

In 2017, Finch graduated and won Best Product Demo in the US’ #1 fintech incubator, Envestnet Yodlee and shortly after launching across Australia, Finch raised $2.25m seed capital.

In 2018, Finch won multiple awards in Australia including Best Digital Wallet, Best Personal Finance App, and Rising Star Awards.

Today, Finch’s business platform, FinchXP offers the tools to help banks provide the same advanced personalization by combining data and behavioral science with modern APIs. Our end-to-end solution cleans, enriches and categorizes data, and combines it with AI-powered, real-time insights to deliver personalized experiences