Ennuity Holdings, Inc

We empower consumers to own their energy future with products that are simple, transparent, and clearly manage risk, return, and social impact.

We offer customers a very clear value proposition:  we promise a zero monthly energy bill for multiple years or even a lifetime, in return for a one-time payment.  By comparing the value of energy to the customer’s usual electricity bills, we can demonstrate an implied return on investment that is better than the low yields that customers currently receive from fixed income alternatives.

We channel the customer’s investment into renewable power infrastructure, and then we bundle the renewable energy with exceptional risk management and retail services to guarantee power for the customer’s everyday needs.

Our ultimate vision is for our products to become an integral part of a customer’s retirement portfolio.

Ennuity Holdings was founded in June 2019 by Nisha Desai, a clean energy executive with experience in 6 previous startups.  We are in partnership discussions with a multi-billion dollar energy company, and we plan to launch our proof-of-concept early next year.