Digs offers branded financial products for mortgage lenders to help them engage with their customers. Their flagship product, known as Digs ‘Saver’, is an educational savings app for first-time home buyers.

Digs ‘Saver’ allows people to save for a home through an FDIC insured account with a unique contribution matching program to accelerate the saving process. During the time that someone saves, Digs adds clarity to the home buying experience through educational videos and courses. If a consumer has additional questions that are not covered, they are able to chat with their dedicated home advisor. This allows the consumer to start building a relationship with a lender in a less transactional setting.

Existing mortgage services all focus on the transaction and don’t pay attention to the long-term commitment it takes to actually get there.

The overall mission of Digs is to enable consumers to make the best possible decision when it comes to choosing their mortgage.