Digital Debit Group

Founded in 2017, Digital Debit Group is transforming transactions similarly to the raised letter, mag stripe cards of the 1960’s. With powerful technology, branding, intellectual property, leadership and culturally relevant innovation, we are working to bring the cashless lifestyle exemplified in China by WeChat Pay and Ali Pay to the rest of the world.

in 2002, Co-Founders Ed Robles and William Grecia had a chance meeting at a NY recording studio and collaborated on several indie Hip Hop albums. Experts in their respective fields, Mr. Grecia went on to earn several tokenization patents while Mr. Robles excelled in a career in tech services, ultimately co-founding Smart Data in 2009, a legal tech service company acquired by Xerox in 2014.

Robles and Grecia reconnected in 2015 and their creative interests, passion for innovation and technical expertise resulted in the formation of Qondado, LLC and it’s fintech arm, Digital Debit Group.