D3ledger is Distributed Digital Depository - a collaboration between stock exchanges, CSDs and developers of Hyperledger Iroha - Soramitsu. It enables financial institutions from different markets to issue, store, trade, and exchange digital assets: tokens, currencies, or tokenized form of any traditional asset. Ultimately, this technology can replace multiple legacy ledgers held by CSDs and CCPs in each jurisdiction separately. Technically, we want to create a refined version of the Bitcoin network, solving settlement finality and interoerability problems for various tokenized assets, kept in different blockchains.
Entreprise projects implementing blockchain in finance mostly operate under a vertical business model. They are limited to one jurisdiction and serve only clients of the financial organization owning the blockchain.
While it's easier to create isolated blockchains, this strategy will lead to a fragmented infrastructure with low interoperability. If we want DLT to bring new efficiency to the global post-trade, we need a horizontal solution, accepted by industry globally. Standarts was setup by in "Distributed Ledger Technology
Principles for Industry-Wide Acceptance" report by ISSA as well as open financial messaging standard (ISO20022). D3ledger was created to follow the standards and make distibuted ledger, independent from exact vendor or legal entity.
We've started the project in October, 2017, launched first pilot deal in October, 2018 and now expanding from Russia, Switzerland and EU (Slovenia) to global one.