Custodia eliminates the friction and frustration that employees face when it comes to corporate finance: bridging the gap between fintech and enterprise software.

Custodia provides the best way for organizations to manage and control credit card spend. Through employee empowerment, machine learning and real-time decisioning, our platform allows companies to fully automate expense management and approvals - there is no need for employees to submit expense reports and for managers to review or approve expenses manually.

With Custodia, corporate expense policy and budget controls are fully integrated into the corporate credit card. Finance teams, managers and employees are provided with insights and analytics to gain full visibility into their corporate spend.

We started Custodia because we believe the future of work should empower all employees with streamlined systems and intelligent design. And so we reinvented the expense process with this in mind. Using the same advanced technology we had delivered to our clients in other markets, we created Custodia to empower all employees to spend smarter, offering mobility, control, and insight.