Crowdwise, LLC

Crowdwise provides educational resources and software tools to help retail investors invest in startups through equity crowdfunding. Title III and IV of the JOBS act made it financially and legally feasible for startups to raise equity publicly from the crowd, and unlocked a new asset class for non-accredited investors. It’s called equity crowdfunding. This has the potential to revolutionize and democratize the availability of capital for startups. However, FINRA-registered funding portals are incentivized towards getting businesses to raise on their platform, not on ensuring that investors are making wise investments.

As angel investors and venture capitalists know, early-stage investing is very different from investing in public securities such as stocks, bonds, or real estate.  Crowdwise addresses this gap in education by providing educational content to new private market investors. Through free content and online courses offered through Crowdwise Academy, we are helping new investors learn the skills required to build a portfolio of startup investments. We are also developing portfolio management software and other web apps to assist crowdfunding investors with managing their startup portfolios.