Today there is a need for microcredit in emerging economies, and, in fact, in every country where participation in the financial system is standard. But there are a limited number of appropriate financial services apps to serve as a bridge and meet this demand. Enter Colendi, a practical, modern solution for real-time credit assessment that leapfrogs the outdated traditional approach to assessing creditworthiness. Colendi uses decentralized intelligent credit scoring and fraud detection technology to accurately determine appropriate credit levels for banked and unbanked users alike. Through its fast-growing global network of financial service and retail partners, Colendi makes microcredit, peer-to-peer lending and installment shopping an easy, real-time reality for everyone, everywhere.
Colendi is a decentralized credit scoring and microcredit protocol which uses blockchain technology to deliver/provide innovative credit scoring and a universal financial passport that serve as a bridge between lenders and unbanked/ underbanked microfinance borrowers globally.
Colendi is a decentralized protocol that provides a democratized credit scoring evaluation with a unique self-sovereign ID which serves the unbanked and underbanked as a global and borderless financial passport. Our primary goal is to create an inclusive tool that facilitates microfinance lending. Colendi serves both businesses and individuals as a viable credit scoring mechanism and acts as a bridge between lenders and borrowers.