Imagine asking Alexa “How far is it to the airport” and the response back is that it’s 75 degrees outside. AI models complex – they don’t always work the way we want them to It takes time, financial resources, and sometimes million or billions of data points to train an AI model like Alexa or Siri to understand the world the way humans do.

However, companies don’t have the time, financial resources, or simply the expertise to collect or analyze the vast quantities or data required to achieve the quality needed to make a model work.

Bridged is a Techstars and Western Union backed company currently in the Techstars Denver cohort. At Bridged, we use a combination of technology and a 13k strong crowdsourced workforce to develop data at scale for companies striving to achieve the quality that they need for their AI models and data analysis. What’s even better, is that we can achieve this while reducing the cost by 90% and the time by 70% versus inhouse mechanisms. We are making AI accessible to everyone.