Breach Clarity

Breach Clarity was founded in 2019 by industry veterans Jim Van Dyke and Al Pascual to empower consumers and the organizations they trust to manage the risks of post-breach fraud. Consumers often don't know what to do after a data breach, so they do nothing at all or outsource the solution with uncertain results. Using a patent-pending algorithm, the digital-first Breach Clarity platform demystifies the impact of any data breach by delivering a score that puts each breach into perspective. In addition, it details the risks that a consumer faces as the result of that breach, as well as provides clear and effective action steps that can reduce the risk of identity- and account-related fraud. For financial institutions and other trusted providers, the platform allows them to leverage the awareness of consumers to improve the effectiveness of their control environment, as well as to bolster the trust and loyalty of customers by doing more than just making them feel safer. For more information, visit, contact us at, or follow us on Twitter @breachclarity.