Digitalization is changing the way banking services are being consumed and, consequently, banks are losing their relevance in the eyes of young consumers. There currently exists a gap between users’ expectations of the features that banking applications should have and what traditional players are offering. Therefore, Bankify has utilized its expertise in the digitally agile segment and technical capabilities in Open Banking and Beyond Banking to create innovative features that are truly user-centric.
Bankify specializes in providing the toolset required for building customer-centric mobile banking experiences. By connecting Bankify’s services into mobile application, banks can catch up to digital-native competitors and speed time-to-market from months to weeks.Bankify currently has 8 validated microservices (which can be delivered individually or combined for various use cases) including microsaving, automated saving, social feed, cost split, data intelligence, AI scanner, group payments and personalisation. Bankify has more validated microservices to come based on the demand and research with the digital-native customer segment. Bankify also offers the possibility for partners to develop tailormade microservices for the enhancement of the partner's application.