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Bahrain Fintech Bay

Brand Description for Bahrain FinTech Bay

Bahrain FinTech Bay is the leading FinTech Hub in the Middle East. Located conveniently in the Arcapita Building, Bahrain FinTech Bay is a dedicated FinTech co-working space with the purpose to position Bahrain as a regional FinTech hub.

​Our partners include governmental bodies, financial institutions, corporates, consultancy firms, universities, associations, media agencies, venture capital and FinTech start-ups.

The purpose of Bahrain FinTech Bay is to: Accelerate local early stage FinTech companies to the next growth stage of commercialization and expedite partnership opportunities; Attract foreign growth stage FinTech companies to establish their regional head-offices in Bahrain and facilitate their go to market approach into GCC and; Accommodate FinTech companies to accelerate their customer acquisition and scale their product & services offering through our partner ecosystem. 

We also aim to: Offer both private and public sector with a physical meeting point to co- create, share resources and align initiatives; Operate in a platform neutral (not a single corporate branded/ affiliated) dedicated FinTech space to foster the development and interaction between all the stakeholders in Bahrain’s FinTech Ecosystem and; To further solidify Bahrain’s international reputation as the FinTech hub for the GCC and Middle East through a global FinTech partner network. 

We want to provide our partners with physical hub and a strong value proposition to incubate impactful FinTech initiatives, to ideate, develop and accelerate the future proofing of Bahrain’s financial services sector in a leading regional FinTech Hub. We believe in partnerships and the creation of a complete ecosystem that will drive the FinTech industry in the Middle East. 

2018 Media Partner