ApTap brings bill management to banking customers' fingertips through simple, white-labelled APIs. From within their existing mobile banking app, the user can cancel, compare, switch or sign up to services and providers with just a tap! ApTap empowers customers to take control, while driving customer engagement and adding new revenue streams for banks, and offering market insights and new channels to service providers.

The vision at ApTap is to build the world’s first “subscription store”; like an app store for anything you pay for on a recurring basis but tailored to you. ApTap gets an idea of the user’s financial trends, as well as usage data across a range of services, and can recommend and tailor deals to that customer.

ApTap has recently raised a seed round has begun rolling out a pilot and a full business case in the UK, with goals to expand into Europe and the US in 2020 on the back of a series A early in the new year.