Amerigroup Direct LLC

Amerigroup Direct was created out of a need for third party payments for corporates in a foreign currency at a better rate and done efficiently. The two Co-Founders have operated a successful Futures and Over the Counter Spot currency Introducing Brokerage Firm for 20 years. Our customer base have been asking for third party payments for many years, However we were not setup to do so. With this new startup we will be able to facilitate this business at a better rate offered them from their banks, but in a more efficient and faster method. We will leverage an existing customer base as well as bring on a network of referring sources created over a 20 year period of operations. Initially , the majority of end users of our service are Corporates position along the international border between the United States and Mexico whom make weekly cross border payments of millions of dollars. These companies have traditionally completed these transactions with the few large banks at huge markups(Costs). There other alternative was local "Casa de Cambios". These alternatives have been regulated out of business in the last few years, creating a huge opportunity. We leverage local banking and electronic transfers to facilitate the movement of funds. The currency exchange will be executed at a institutional rate and then marked up to the client at a rate that will be much better that the existing competition all the while creating a sizable profit. All the while accepting no currency risk to the firm.