Alternative Circle Limited

For  customer -One of the greatest issues in Africa, South-East Asia and the  middle-east is access to quick, reliable capital. Banking has assisted with  this; however, customers still require collateral for many loans, and the  poor and middle class often do not possess collateral. For this reason, a  credit history cannot be created and thus these customers may never get  access to credit, which limits their growth and the general growth of the  economy. This removes a large potential market who would access capital if it  were available easily and cheaply. Financial Institutions- The main problems  facing Financial Institutions are:•Their customers require new channels to  access capital. •Ways to give customers a credit rating using innovative  technology. This will increase the reach of the institution into other  markets.•Financial Institutions need new revenue streams in order to expand  and grow in new markets. Our solution, SHIKA, uses technology to credit rate  customers using their mobile money transactional data, the local credit  bureau data, social media and behavioral data to judge a customers credit  worthiness. We can thus deploy capital from financial institutions to  customers quickly and efficiently. The customers get access to credit, and  the Financial institutions can use our technology to deploy that capital and  solve the problems stated.