All_ebt  is a smart wallet for Food Stamps.        22% of the US population live on Food Stamps. 

They spend a total $126  Billion dollars each year. The problem with Food Stamps is that they don’t  work online, or anywhere else in our digital economy. People on Food Stamps  want to shop online right now! There has been an explosion of Food Delivery  & Grocery apps. Digital services such as: Instacart, DoorDash, Shipt, and  Postmates are quickly becoming the preferred method for shoppers. But access  to these services is primarily a privilege for the affluent. Technology has  moved so fast it has left behind the Food Stamp population out of the digital  economy. 

 All_ebt has created a smart wallet which allows people to connect their Food  Stamps to a tokenized VISA virtual card. This card is accessible via their  mobile device and can be used to make digital purchases online.