The  process of ANALYZING and ADVISING real estate clientele is almost universally  done manually leading to it not being done FREQUENTLY or at a HIGH  QUALITY.   We aggregate and monitor  client property data for loan and real estate professionals to provide  pinpoint analytics and insights.  These  help them stay in front of their customer and increase repeat business.  We’ve identified a market opportunity in  weak or non-existent retention practices, a large niche that lacks any focus  at large from the real estate and mortgage industry.  Once a client has completed a transaction  most industry professionals struggle to be remembered by those clients past 1  year.  Current solutions stop at  sending emails with market reports or happy birthday messages.  When it is time to contact a client,  professionals have to pull up the client’s file, research and analyze their  scenario to figure out what to talk to them about prior to calling.  This is a completely manual and extremely  inefficient process.  Who wants to  manually track 1,000 clients figuring when and why to call them? Alcazar  automates this process of analysis and advice.  Imagine as a Loan Officer getting a message  from your book of clients with who to call and more importantly why to  call.  Our customer is the real estate  professional and what we do is help to create unique content for each and  every one of their clients by doing automated analysis on their property  searching for opportunities and informing them of it through alerts and  monthly reports. We charge a monthly subscription to do this and at our price  point 1 additional transaction would make them ROI positive.  We could also work for large scale  operations like banks or non-depository lenders for their servicing arms.