Aircash  solves problem of underbanked people, people who are not keen to use credit  cards for internet payments, people who don't use mobile banking. In the EU,  more than 40% of the microtransactions (less than 500 USD) are done in cash.  Similar ratio is in the US. Aircash is easily integrated with a point of  sales (in CEE with the biggest gas station chains and convenience stores  chain), on the API basis. Users use Aircash app to register (to manage  KYC/AML issues) and to initiate transactions. They go to the point of sales  and show a code to a cashier who scans a code from the display, or do  contactless if possible. User makes a cash deposit or cash withdraw. The  whole process lasts around 10 seconds.    Aircash is also focused on a B2C and C2B segment. It is integrated with  online business providers as lotteriers, telecom operators, ticketing  providers etc. Via Aircach, users can pay for digital goods, top-up their  online accounts, or opposite, make a cash-outs from lottery winnings.