Acorn Finance

Acorn Finance is where LendingTree meets Point of Sale. In the US, home improvement is a $350B industry. This includes all the contractors who fix/install/build/work-on HVACs, Roofs, Outdoor and indoor remodels, Landscapes, Pools, etc.

Majority of these contractors are hard workers, work seasonal jobs and don't make a lot of money. If their customers can't afford to pay for home improvement projects, they use Point of Sale (PoS) platforms like Greensky and Synchrony to help their customers get loans.

Contractors can generate 30-50% more revenue when they use these PoS lending solutions. However, only 15% of contractors are taking advantage of these solutions mainly because contractors have to pay 5-15% of their sales as dealer fees.

Acorn Finance - is 100% free to contractors. Acorn connects customers looking for home improvement loans directly to a marketplace of national lenders. Contractors pay no fees. Customers get the best possible terms.

Currently, Acorn has 6 lenders on the consumer side including Upgrade, Prosper, SoFI, BestEgg, LendingPoint and Lightstream.