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Coastal Community Bank

Coastal Community Bank provides Banking as a Service (BaaS) to enable broker dealers and digital financial service providers to offer their clients banking services. Coastal’s CCBX Division allows our strategic partners to deliver seamless financial services to their clients with a range of solutions. CCBX supports our partners as they achieve their vision for delivery, while preserving the checks and balances expected by federal regulatory authorities.

  • Compliance Oversight
  • Financial Transaction Clearing
  • Deposit Resources
  • Lending Solutions

Coastal Community Bank is uniquely positioned to provide Partner Banking to a select group of clients. Located in the Greater Puget Sound, Coastal is a $2 billion community bank serving local businesses. We’ve built the bank on relationships and adaptability, something that is adding value to our partner banking clients. Our Board of Directors includes Fintech industry experts along with business owners who add an additional layer of expertise to our program.

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