Companies don’t need separate bank accounts, credit cards, and expense software if they have Brex—Brex is the one easy account they need to manage it all.

We’re built to help businesses grow on their terms. That’s why we offer higher credit limits, don’t require a personal guarantee, and don’t charge to send checks and wires, even internationally.

Brex works for companies of any size—whether they’re just incorporating or onboarding employee 5,000. Handle deposits, payments, credit cards, rewards, spend management, and accounting in one place. Brex makes it really easy to see how a company’s money is being used and control how it’s spent.

Customers also love that Brex gives them cash back on everything, builds their business credit, and has expense management software built right into the dashboard. Most customers end up saving 25 hours a month just on closing the books because of how easy and automatic it is to track everything.

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