What's In Store for Retailers?

July 2, 2018

What's In Store for Retailers?

The ways in which we, as consumers, discover, shop and buy products, services or experiences are being dramatically revolutionized. It’s critical that all retailers and brands stay at the forefront of advances in omnichannel retail, next generation point-of-sale, social commerce, the on-demand economy and the Internet of Things, as cutting-edge technologies continue to redefine the shopper journey.

Retailers play a key role in the financial technology industry, as the first to adopt new payment and commerce solutions and implement them within the consumers’ day-to-day. The ways in which we develop these solutions relies foremost on the consumer’s needs to help create a faster, more seamless shopping experience. Within the Money20/20 USA agenda, we’ve placed importance on providing retailers with foresight on the latest disruptions, allowing them to uncover what the future of commerce truly will look like. 

Current retailer-focused sessions include:  

· A New Transaction Paradigm: How Technology Will Change When, Where & How Commerce is Conducted in 2025

· Hey Alexa, What’s Next in Voice Payments & Commerce? 

· Hey Payments Innovators, The Customer is Always Right: Adoption of New Payment Tech from the Merchant’s Perspective

· Taking Gift Cards to the Next Level: Enhancing the Customer Experience

· The Carvana Story: How Fintech Powers the Next Generation Car Buying Experience

As a retailer, ensure you're ahead of the curve and in the know about the latest industry disruptions by joining us to gain insights from the aforementioned speakers for these sessions and so much more.