The Anthropology of Money

July 1, 2018

The Anthropology of Money

Each day, our industry takes strides towards transforming the way consumers acquire, borrow and use currencies around the world. In an effort to decipher the money evolution underway, we’ve added an insightful and eye-opening session within our FinTech Revolution track – The Anthropology of Money. Here, we've selected three leading industry voices to thoroughly showcase the impact money holds and the ways in which it effects human behavior in societies past, present and future.

While much of our agenda showcases topics, trends and disruptions directed toward a specific area of the financial services ecosystem, The Anthropology of Money will share insights that are applicable to everyone, no matter their sector or niche. By exploring money's past, present and future, we can truly understand how this entity will continue to progress and evolve.

In this session, Tom Villante, Chairman, CEO and Founder of Yapstone, will take on the vast history of money. Here, he'll discuss the effect money holds on human relationships, and the ways in which it has deepened relationships throughout time. 

From there, Jason Gardner, Founder and CEO of Marqeta, will delve into the potential in creating a cashless society. He'll explore the ways in which cash is still being utilized today and what implications and opportunities will arise as we begin to adopt cashless methods. 

Neha Narula, Director, Digital Currency Initiative of MIT Media Lab, will take on the rise of cryptocurrencies, what role they play in our current financial ecosystem, as well as their potential for the future. She'll break down the ways in which these new technologies will be utilized, and the potential of a decentralized future for money.

We look forward to hearing the insights these innovative voices will bring to the Money20/20 stage this October.