Lend Us Your Ears

August 20, 2018

Lend Us Your Ears

The lending industry is undergoing a shift as the demand for fair, secure and user-friendly access to credit and funds continues to increase and develop. But, what innovative new models are providing small businesses and consumers, especially those most under-served by banks, greater access to credit?

Leading-edge credit scoring models, AI and Machine Learning are enabling lending innovators to quickly capture the market and give both consumers and SMBs access to credit when they need it and at a fair price. With these pioneering technologies come new regulatory hurdles that call for balancing consumer protection with “responsible innovation” in lending.

Our expansive Alternative Lending & Credit track will bring forth leading minds in this space. Join us for the following sessions that will explore the compelling future of lending, uncovering the latest innovation, developments and pain points within this space:

Helping Consumers to Unlock their Credit Health Potential

  • Renaud Laplanche - Co-Founder & CEO, Upgrade

Uplifting Consumers& Economies by Improving Access to Capital

  • Kai Schmitz - FinTechInvestment Lead, Latin America, International Finance Corporation (M)
  • Sergio Furio - Founder& CEO, Creditas
  • Nicky Goulimis, Co-Founder& COO, Nova Credit
  • Shivani Siroya - Founder& CEO, Tala
  • Brendan Carroll - Partner& Co-Founder, Victory Park Capital

Prime (and Non-Prime)Time for Online Lending

  • Ken Rees - CEO, Elevate
  • David Kimball - CEO, Prosper

It’s What the Customer Perceives You Do That Matters

  • Rob Frohwein - Co-Founder& CEO, Kabbage

The Looming Recession:Survive, Thrive or Die

  • Julie VerHage - Reporter,Bloomeberg (M)
  • Sasha Orloff - CEO &Co-Founder, LendUp
  • Frank Rotman - FoundingPartner, QED Investors

Navigating Regulatory Challenges & Uncertainty for Alt Lending

  • Cornelius Hurley - ExecutiveDirector, Online Lending Policy Institute (M)
  • Gilles Gade - President &CEO, Cross River
  • Chris Campbell - AssistantSecretary for Financial Institutions, U.S. Department of the Treasury
  • Gregory Meeks - U.S.Congressman, 5th District, State of New York, U.S. House of Representatives

Untapped Opportunities for SMBs: Where is the Data Leading Us?

  • Karen Gordon Mills - 23rdAdministrator of the Small Business Administration & Senior Fellow,Harvard Business School (M)
  • Gina Taylor Cotter, SVP &GM, Global Commercial Financing, American Express
  • Sebastian Rymarz - ChiefBusiness Officer, Fundbox
  • Eyal Lifshitz - Founder &CEO, BlueVine

The Next Wave of Innovation in Online Small Business Lending

  • Noah Breslow - CEO, OnDeck

America's Financial Health Crisis & What We Can Do About It

  • Jennifer Tescher - President& CEO, Center for Financial Services Innovation (M)
  • Scott Sanborn - CEO, LendingClub

Looking for more lending insights? Take a moment to review our full Alternative Lending & Credit track, or explore our full agenda.