Keynote Roundup: September

October 1, 2018

Keynote Roundup: September

Nuno & Sir Richard Branson: New Tech, New Banks, New Frontier

In Vegas, Sir Richard Branson will take the keynote stage for the next iteration of the Feedzai Frontiers Speaker Series. He’s a world-renowned entrepreneur, philanthropist and Founder of the Virgin Group. 

In a candid conversation with Feedzai's Nuno Sebastiao, this inspirational, legendary leader will be sure to leave a lasting impact, as he shares on topics ranging from new technology, to entrepreneurism, to the future of money.

Grabbing Asia & Beyond: The Rise of Tech Platforms

The global influence of theAsian tech superpowers is undeniable! Dominant tech platforms are offering an ever-increasing range of financial and non-financial services, integrated via a frictionless payments layer.

In an exciting keynote, Grab Financial's Reuben Lai & Jason Thompson will discuss how they are leading Grab's foray into fintech & explore the implications of rising Asian tech platforms on the US and global marketplace. Make sure you're in Vegas to learn from industry titans and rising stars from the thriving Asian fintech scene.

Meet Interstellar: Tokens as the New Format for Value

In 2014, Adam Ludwin launchedChain on the Money20/20 stage, quickly turning it into one of the hottest startups leading the market for enterprise adoption of blockchain technology. 

Now, he’s joined forces with Stellar’s Founder, Jed McCaleb. For the first time at a major industry event, you’ll hear Interstellar's co-founders share their vision for how assets of all kinds can be tokenized and transferred seamlessly over the internet.

The Future of Banking: Fintech or Techfin?

To meet high consumer expectations, the banking industry is collaborating with emerging financial technology providers, racing to provide digital solutions that bring the best of data, analytics & financial technology together. 

How can Fintech – or banks partnered with tech startups – withstand the challenge from Techfin firms? In this exciting keynote, leaders from two of the world's largest banks, Citi's Vanessa Colella & BBVA's Derek White, will explore what’s in the cards for the future of banking.


Direct-to-Consumer Revolution: Fueling the New World Economy

A new retail paradigm is upon us, one that combines old-fashioned values with new shopping preferences. This renewed preference for an old school approach of selling direct-to consumers is underpinning an explosion of businesses that are side-stepping the middleman and controlling their brand by selling direct to customers online. Join Shopify'sCOO Harley Finkelstein as he explores the "new world economy" fueled by direct-to-consumer sales.

Smarter Cities: The Role of Tech in Solving Urban Challenges

With more than half of the world's population currently residing in cities, Craig Vosburg, President of Mastercard North America, understands how tech can support cities, especially here in the United States. 

As Mayor of Dallas, Mike Rawlings faces these challenges and is working with Mastercard to help apply technology to solve his city’s most pressing problems. They’ll share how they are utilizing technology and working to make cities more efficient, safe, inclusive, and ready for sustainable economic growth.