Keynote Roundup: August

September 1, 2018

Keynote Roundup: August

Is There Wealth Beyond the Wealthy?

Frank Cooper - SeniorManaging Director & Global Chief Marketing Officer, BlackRock

Frank’s mission is to shareBlackRock’s vision on the role money plays in society and the financial industry’s responsibility to serve customers at all income levels.  In our opening keynote, Frank will explore the different cultural eras of wealth, examine our emotional relationship with money, and its deeper connection to our sense of well-being. You’ll leave this session with a thorough understanding of why our industry must transform to help people “think big” and feel a greater sense of potential, security, control, self-worth, and dignity.  

Micro-Platforms:The New Engines of the Online Economy

Claire Hughes Johnson - Chief Operating Officer, Stripe

As Stripe’s COO, Claire Hughes Johnson is uniquely qualified to scale worldwide business operations to serve Stripe’s rapidly-growing user base and power this new online economy. In this keynote session, she’ll explore recent findings on the types of companies driving global job growth, the internet’s shift from advertising-led to commerce-led, and the future impact micro-platforms hold.

The Ripple Effect

Chris Larsen - Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, Ripple

Creating the Internet of Value – where money moves as fast as data – has been Chris Larsen’s passion since he co-founded Ripple in 2012. Today, Chris remains focused on realizing the promise of blockchain to improve global payments. He’ll discuss his journey as one of Fintech’s most successful entrepreneurs and his insights on the Internet ofValue and the past, present and future of money.

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