Amazon & The Voice Revolution

October 12, 2018

Amazon & The Voice Revolution

Since the emergence of digital, commerce has been in a state of transformation, first with e-commerce and then with the rise of mobile came m-commerce. Today, we are in the very early stages of the third era--voice commerce--a powerful medium that will transform our day-to-day lives and how we purchase.  

Central to emergence of voice is building connected experiences for customers so they can interact and transact where, when and how they want--their choice, and at their convenience. To shed light on the potential of voice technology, we'll have Amazon's Patrick Gauthier join us for a conversation on how voice commerce will redefine the ideal customer experience. Be there for 'Hey Alexa, What’s Next for Voice Commerce?'

And while Amazon is making great strides in this space, we'll also showcase other revolutionaries and early adopters of this technology. To gain the latest insights, make sure you're there for the following voice-centric sessions:

Stay ahead of the curve and secure your spot for these eye-opening sessions. It's almost as simple as, "Alexa, book my ticket to Money20/20!"