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Blockchain Intelligence Group

Blockchain Intelligence Group is a global developer of blockchain technology building a secure future. Financial institutions and crypto companies depend on its technology to monitor risk from crypto transactions. Investigators and law enforcement quickly identify and track illicit activity. The crypto forensics technology was designed by investigators for investigators. Blockchain Intelligence Group is trusted globally by leading financial institutions, crypto companies, Fintech, Regtech, law enforcement and regulators.

BitRank Verified® creates a competitive advantage from compliance with fast, easy and accurate crypto risk monitoring. Our real-time scoring is trusted globally by traditional finance, crypto finance, exchanges, investors, ATMs, Fintech and Regtech service providers to quickly clear low-risk transactions and investigate high-risk ones.

QLUE™ helps investigators quickly identify and track illicit activities. QLUE™ saves time to solve more cryptocurrency investigations with precision and accuracy. Our analytical tool uses open-source data to deliver actionable intelligence. QLUE™ is the best-in-class blockchain visualization engine for financial institutions, crypto companies and law enforcement.

The Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator (CCI) course is designed to advance careers and prepare financial compliance professionals and investigators for a new digital era. Seasoned financial compliance experts and US government investigators built the CCI course. You will learn advanced crypto investigation knowledge, dark web tactics and criminal techniques to realize the potential of investigation tools like QLUE™. CCI is the most engaging and coherent certification designed by seasoned financial compliance experts and US government investigators.

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