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Pandemic vibes have completely rattled traditional banking and lending as we knew it. The good news? There’s a massive spotlight on the work that still needs to be done to better serve customers and small businesses.

Banks are grappling with antiquated infrastructure that’s just not cutting it and they’re finally being forced to innovate. For example, the challenge of dispersing PPP funds to provide America’s 30 million small businesses with financing showed there is an urgent need for faster, more agile and simple banking.

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How Payments Partners Help Businesses Grow

Nicole Jass, Head of North America & SMB Product, Merchant Solutions, FIS, discusses key opportunities to partner with client-merchants to provide them with ongoing access to capital.

MoneyPot: Flexible Funding For SMBs

SMB banking, particularly credit access, is ripe for innovation. The COVID-19 crisis highlights the vital economic role of small business. Adam Stettner, CEO & Founder of Reliant Funding, discusses a new model that could help small businesses weather economic storms.

Lessons From An Economic First Responder

With customers in mind, the industry rallied to fill in the gaps and provide small businesses the support, services and access to funds that were needed during unprecedented times. Almost overnight, FI’s and fintechs became economic first responders.

Get back to live events in 2021

Digital events are where people go to learn about the industry. Money20/20 is where people gather in real life to shape the industry. Are you in?

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Addressing Challenges And Changes For SMB Banking

This panel of banking executives discussed the transformative mark that PPP has left on small business banking as it disrupted customer/bank relationships, introduced new bank/fintech partnerships, and accelerated a transition to digital channels.

Small Businesses Deserve Better Banking

Small businesses on Main Street, like your local grocer or family-owned hardware company, contribute half of both US GDP production and the nation’s workforce. Despite being an integral part of everyday American life, they are often overlooked and underserved by banks.

SMBs Focus Part 1: The Goldilocks Paradigm

This MoneyPot episode is part one of a three-part series exploring why SMB/SME banking was one of the last markets that innovators have tackled, what PPP and other efforts have brought to bear, and what we can expect in the near future.

SMBs Focus Part 2: How do we wake Sleeping Beauty?

We looked at the great efforts around PPP. What secrets have the lenders unearthed? Will they lead the financial recovery and become a force small business can rely on? How are they turning raw data into financial services gold? This is part 2 of a 3 part series.

SMBs Focus Part 3: Rumpelstiltskin weaves gold

In the third part of our series, we explore how data is being woven into financial services gold, solving the Goldilocks paradigm, and partnering with the awakened Sleeping Beauty to foster success in the kingdom of SMBs.

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