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Banking Circle

Banking Circle is the Payments bank for the new economy, launched to help Banks and Payments businesses deliver a service to their business customers to be able to transact more efficiently both locally and internationally.

Significant investment is being made by Banking Circle to create a super correspondent banking network to connect to the payment rails across all key geographies and jurisdictions – supported by a cloud-based infrastructure – to provide direct access to clearing in multiple countries.

As such, unconstrained by the legacy issues of correspondent banks, Banking Circle is providing a modern payment solution, enabling financial institutions to get as close to the clearing as possible to enable faster and more cost-effective transactions.

Through Banking Circle, Banks and Payments businesses can access a range of banking services - multi currency bank accounts, cross border payments and FX, all underpinned by market leading compliance and security.

Banking Circle processes 6% of European B2C e-commerce payments. 

Bespoke, flexible, scalable and futureproofed solutions enable financial services businesses to do what they’re really good at – serving the end client successfully and efficiently – thereby allowing them to seize market opportunities.  

Since receiving its Banking Licence, Banking Circle has doubled its client base to over 200 institutional clients including Visa, WorldPay, SumUp, Stripe, PaymentSense, Alibaba, Paysafe and Shopify.

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