Great speakers and agenda content are critical to the success of Money20/20. In 2016, the Money20/20 agenda will feature 500+ speakers across 125+ sessions. Demand is extremely high for speaking roles. We receive thousands of inbound requests in addition to our outbound recruiting efforts for speakers. About half of our speakers are the CEOs/Founders of their organizations and all are senior industry leaders that are shaping the future of payments and commerce.

Please complete the speaking request form below and we’ll reach out to you if we have follow up questions about your proposal. We evaluate each speaking request carefully and will be making speaker selections on a rolling basis starting in early 2016 as we plan our agenda content. Although there is no formal deadline for speaking requests, we strongly recommend submitting them as early as possible. Please be patient as we work through the process. Rest assured we will make every effort to keep you informed of the status of your proposal.

Important: Do not submit your proposal more than once. Multiple submissions of the same proposal do not increase your chances of being selected as a speaker.

Thank you for your interest in speaking at Money20/20!

Proposed Speaker Information:

While we are happy to copy two secondary contacts (such as an executive assistant or corporate communications or PR professional) on all correspondence regarding the speaking opportunity, it is often necessary during the speaker evaluation and agenda planning process to communicate with the speaker candidates directly. Proposals without the direct email address for the speaker cannot be accepted. If you are proposing more than one speaker from your organization, then please submit a separate speaking request for each. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Speaker Office Address

Optional Secondary Contact Information:

Please provide any secondary contacts for the speaker, such as an executive assistant or corporate communications or PR professional. We will copy these secondary contacts (and only these two contacts) on all correspondence regarding this speaking opportunity. It is the responsibility of these secondary contacts to inform any others within the organization of relevant details.

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Preferred Speaking Role & Format:

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Proposed Topic:

We strive to provide content for attendees that is relevant and timely. Speakers are asked to cover important industry topics and trends and avoid sales pitches. Please describe in detail below the topic, format and participants for your proposed speaking session at Money20/20.


With extensive national and industry media coverage (200+ media outlets in 2015), many participating companies choose to make exclusive announcements at Money20/20 regarding new products, partnerships or major organizational changes. If you anticipate making such an announcement timed exclusively at Money20/20, then please indicate below.

Please describe the nature of your announcement (e.g. new company, new product, new partnership, etc.).

Speakers and Registration Fees:

In order to accommodate as many speakers as possible, which we anticipate being in excess of 500 in 2016, we are unable to provide complimentary passes to all speakers.

We do however, offer a number of cost-saving options on passes. These include:

  • It is our policy to comp all retail and government speakers.
  • All confirmed speakers are eligible for the “Speaker Rate” of $1,850 (which represents a more than 35% discount from the full price registration).
  • If your company is a sponsor of Money20/20 and you receive sponsor passes as part of your sponsorship, speakers may choose to register using a “Sponsor Pass.”
  • If your company is a new startup incorporated within the last 12 months and with less than $1 million in funding, you may qualify for a limited number of passes at a special “Startup Rate” which represents a significant discount from the full price registration.

Please visit the registration page for details on these and other special rates that may apply.

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